About Us

In 1984 a young entrepreneur in Pune decided to start a new wave in the construction industry. He realised that many people were staying in extremely old residential spaces. Not only was this a safety hazard but it also meant living without good amenities. He decided to change this scenario with focussed projects based on good quality and complete transparency.


The preferred housing partner for modern and traditional mind-sets.


To create a legacy of transparency, trust and goodwill.



Tradition plays a very important role in every society across the world. Tradition brings a sense of rootedness and belonging to people.Tradition unites us.At Godse Housing, everything from the first interaction to site visit and even the handover of a new home has tradition integrated into the experience.


Since its inception, Godse Housing has built a very personal and warm relation with customers. This is reflected in the fact that our CMD and Directors personally meet every customer and understand their needs before starting with the planning and execution process. Godse Housing is emotionally invested in its customers’ prosperity and growth journey.


In today’s rapidly changing times, every company has to keep pace with future-oriented developments. Godse Housing understand the changing needs of today’s youth and their aspirations. The company strives to ensure that every aspect of their projects exceed customers’ expectations in the future.



Redevelop your homes with Godse Housing's astute planning and proficient execution.